Regulatory Governance
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(Re)Regulation in the Wake of Neoliberalism. Consequences of Three Decades of Privatization and Market Liberalization - Conference Panels and Papers

Final Conference Program

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A1. Naming and Shaming

Title Name University
(chair) Albert Meijer, Judith van Erp &Mirjan Oude Vrielink
Regulating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: The role of blacklisting Brigitte Unger & Joras Ferwerda Utrecht School of Economics
Transparency as a form of naming and shaming? Alber Meijer Utrecht School of Economics
Effects of disclosure in financial regulation Judith van Erp Erasmus University Rotterdam

A4. Theoretical and empirical perspectives on specialisation, coordination and collaboration (Coordination stream I)

Title Name University
(chairs) Paul Roness and Julia Fleischer
The Impact of Horizontal Coordination in Australia John Halligan University of Canberra
Between self-organisation and government: a complexity perspective on the rise and fall of the hierarchical state Frank Boons & Lasse Gerrits Erasmus University Rotterdam
Multi-level regulatory governance in liberalised infrastructure sectors: on the way to the transgovernmental state ute Hartenberger TU Munich
Specialization and coordination of regulatory bodies Jan Rommel & Koen Verhoest Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

A5. Regulation and Politics of Standard-Setting

Title Name University
(chair) Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung
Regulating privacy across the Atlantic: Of pyrrhic victories, arena switching, and their effects on policy Andreas Busch University of Oxford
Escaping Rules in a World of Standards Susanna Alexius Stockholm School of Economics
Regulating Urban Land Market: Renewed Policy Tools and Governance Changes. The Case of Brussels Sébastien Pradella FUCaM - Sciences Po Paris

A6. Regulatory governance through EU-level agencies

Title Name University
(chair) Martijn Groenleer, Michael Kaeding and Esther Versluis
Analysing the discourse of a "regulatory" agency in contrast to a "monitoring" and a "cooperation" agency: the meaning and effects of the three agency models on the EU system Vicky Triga Centre for Research on Direct Democracy (c2d) - Centre of Democracy Aarau (ZDA) - University of Zurich
Beyond regulation: Joint Technical Secretariats as institutionalized actors in regional policy implementation Paul Stephenson Maastricht University
From networks to agencies? Evaluating the proposed creation of a European Electronic Communications Market Authority Martin Groenleer & Mirjam Kars Delft University of Technology
The role of EU-level agencies in the implementation of transport directives Martijn Groenleer & Michael Kaeding & Esther Versluis Delft University of Technology

A7. The Age of Public - Private Partnerships?

Title Name University
(chair) Carsten Greve & Graeme Hodge
The Intellectual History of the PPP Movement Tony Bovaird University of Birmingham
Regulating PPPs Carsten Greve & Graeme Hodge Copenhagen Business School / Monash University
Evaluating the experience and broader implications of PPPs in transport Jean Shaoul Manchester Business School

B1. Sustainable development, climate change and environmental protection

Title Name University
(chair) Werner Raza
The Role of the State: A Contracting Perspective Avner Offer University of Oxford
On neo-liberal policy and the public-regulatory domain Kees van Paridon & Shivant Jhagroe Erasmus University Rotterdam
Environmental Performance through Information Regulation & Market-Based Instruments: The Influence of Amendments to Israeli Securities Law (2004) Dorit Kerret, Gila Menahem, Rinat Sagi Tel-Aviv University

B3. Towards a Regulatory Welfare State?

Title Name University
(chair) Ute Behning
Old and new regulatory states in social policy Deborah Mabbett Birkbeck, University of London
Regulating private welfare: The causes and consequences of failures in the provision of private welfare Mirjam Plantinga & Alex Corra University of Groningen
The end of social security as we know it: Welfare markets and consumer competence in Germany Wolfram Lamping University of Hannover

B4. Analysing organisational proliferation and joining up as contradicting reforms in the welfare and other sectors (Coordination Stream II)

Title Name University
(chair) Tom Christensen
Specialisation and coordination of regulatory and other public bodies: Joining-up in a multi-actor and multi-level setting? Coordination, integration and contestability: competing or complementary organisational restructuring in the delivery of UK welfare under New Labour Jay Wiggan Queen's University, Belfast
Path breaking, path shifting, and path dependence: The new German regime of 'Basic Income Support for Jobseekers' and the struggle between centralisation and devolution Matthias Knuth Institut Arbeit und Qualifikation, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Norwegian reform of Welfare State administration Jostein Askim, Tom Christensen, Anne Lise Fimreite & Per Lćgreid University of Oslo (1, 2), University of Bergen (3, 4)

B5. Regulation and the international political economy

Title Name University
(chair) Tony Porter
Jeopardised dynamics of global value chain structures by new forms of governance Yari Borbon-Galvez University of Sussex
Democratic Deficit Of Transnational Governance: Insights From The Private Regulation Of Labour Market In Turkey Tugce Bulut University of Cambridge

B6. Responsive governance of nanotechnologies

Title Name University
(chair) Graeme Hodge
Reflexive de facto governance of nanotechnologies: An attempt at responsible innovation Arie Rip University of Twente
Can co-regulation bridge the gap between nanotechnological promotion and control? Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung University of Twente
Counting on Codes: An Examination of Transnational Nano-Codes as a Regulatory Governance Mechanism Diana Bowman & Graeme Hodge Monash University
Convergence and Consensus: National Regulation of NT and Prospects for Harmonization Kenneth Abbott, Gary Marchant & Douglas Sylvester Arizona State University

B7. Author Meets Critics I: Discussion of Giandomenico Majone's book "Dilemmas of European Integration - The Ambiguities and Pitfalls of Integration by Stealth" (2005, Oxford University Press)

Title Name University
(chair) Markus Haverland
(discussant) Wim Voermans
(discussant) Claudio Radaelli
(discussant) John Braithwaite

C1. Privatization and Regulation: Contrasting Experiences

Title Name University
(chair) Jacint Jordana
Market and Regulatory Reforms in the Turkish Case of Neoliberalism: Maladies of a Temporal Disjunction Umit Sonmez London School of Economics and Political Science
Empirical Study on the Performance of State-owned-enterprises and the Privatizing Pressure Junki Kim & Hongkyou Chung Seoul National University

C2. Comparative Studies of Regulatory Reform

Title Name University
(chair) Tetty Havinga
Building new regulatory regimes. Enforcing building regulations in Australia and Canada Jeroen van der Heijden Delft University of Technology
Regulatory reform in broadcasting: cultural exception or race to the bottom Rob Nicholls University of New South Wales
Banking Sector Liberalization and Reform in the Post-Communist Region after 1989: The Impact of Domestic Politics, International Conditionality, and Economic Development Aneta Spendzharova Institute for Advanced Studies - Vienna

C3. Regulating Health Care I

Title Name University
(chair) Pauline Rosenau
Coordination of the Portuguese Health Service: Property rights and the organization of health activity by the State María Asensio Menchero Instituto Nacional de Administraçăo
New hospital payment systems in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom: comparing medical strategy in different institutional settings Anne Marije van Essen Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The reform of the health systems is an ever-present theme in all OECD countries. Ana Paula de Jesus Harfouche Instituto Portugues Oncologia Lisboa Francisco Gentil E.P.E.
Regulating social professionals Trudie Knijn Universiteit Utrecht

C4. Impacts of specialisation and coordination on sector performance and on individual public (regulatory) bodies (Coordination Stream III)

Title Name University
(chairs) David Aubin & Jan Rommel
The dynamics of Networks in Regulatory Space: Liberalisation and regulation of telecommunications in Egypt Ahmed Badran University of Exeter
Linkage strategies in water management Simone Hanegraaff University of Twente
Strategic Behaviour of Utility Suppliers in a Multilevel Regulatory Regime: An Analytical Framework David Aubin Université Catholoque de Louvain
The agency landscape in Hungary György Hajnal & Kisztián Kadar

C5. The international regulation of services

Title Name University
(chair) Brigitte Unger
Re-regulation following the financial crisis of 2008 Shawn Donnelly
Services Liberalization in the WTO: Implications for Public Services in Europe Werner Raza Arbeitskammer Wien (Chamber of Labour of Vienna)

C6. Regulation and regulators in a world without borders (Roundtable discussion)

Title Name University
(chair) Willmijn Dicke & Cor van Montfort
Critical aspect of market supervision Freek Hoek Nethernlands Court of Audit
Paper about regime change in the infrastructure Willemijn Dicke & Leigh Hancher Scientific Council for Government Policy
Representative democracy and Governance. A critical analysis of public accountability and legitimacy in hybrid policy networks Tom Willems University of Antwerp
Are infrastructure sectors under public scrutiny better off? Evidence from the Dutch railway infrastructure sector Rudi Bekkers Dialogic & Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

C7. Comparing Modes of Governance

Title Name University
(chair) Kutsal Yesilkagit
Risk-based regulation and better regulation in the UK: towards what model of risk regulation? Ian Bartle University of Bath
An Institutional Benchmark of Enforcement Mechanisms for Certification Initiatives Axel Marx Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

D1. Regulation, Enforcement, and Litigation

Title Name University
(chair) Jen Boutylkova
State Prosecutors in the United States: Regulatory Reformers? Colin Provost University College London
Stitching it Together: How Prosecutors Produce Compliance and Promote Economic Growth in Brazil Salo Coslovsky Massachussets Institute of Technology
The Sociological Citizen: Recognizing Relational Interdependence in Law and Organizations Susan Silbey, Ruthanne Huising & Salo Coslovsky Massachussets Institute of Technology

D2. Regulation of Telecommunications I

Title Name University
(chair) Youri Hildebrand
Pervasiveness and Efficacy in Regulatory Governance: Neo-Liberalism as Ideology and Practice in European Telecommunication Reorganisation Seamus Simpson Manchester Metropolitan University
Regulation by the Party-State: Governing the Business of China's Telecom Services Yukyung Yeo City University of Hong Kong

D4. EU agencies actually: between autonomy and accountability

Title Name University
(convenors) Elena Madalina Busuioc & Martijn Groenleer
Bureaucratic Autonomy and the Emergent European Executive Order Jarle Trondal University of Agder and ARENA
Balancing voice and loyalty: The evolution of the European Environmental Agency Maria Martens ARENA, Centre for European Studies
Watchdogs or pussy cats? How parliaments hold agencies accountable at EU and national level Tobias Bach & Julia Fleischer University of Potsdam
Wielders of Supranational Power? The Administrative Behaviour of the Heads of European Union Agencies Elena Madalina Busuioc & Martijn Groenleer Utrecht School of Governance / Delft University of Technology

D5. Private and transnational regulatory governance

Title Name University
(chair) Colin Scott
Three Puzzles of Private Governance: GlobalGAP and the Regulation of Food Safety and Quality Donal Casey University College Dublin
Between Idealism and Machiavellianism: Transnational and Constitutional Challenges in the Regulation of Child Labour and Fair Trade Martin Dumas London School of Economics and Political Science

D6. Changing Perceptions of and towards Regulatory Agencies

Title Name University
(chair) Per Lćgreid
From watchdog to guide dog? John Brady Anglia Ruskin University
Patent Reforms in the U.S. and the EU Annika Phillipps Freie Universität Berlin
Global regulatory reform in telecommunications - the importance of IOs Kirsten Rodine-Hardy Northeastern University

D7. Regulation and Risk-Regimes in Food and Gambling Markets

Title Name University
(chair) Frans van Warden
Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism: A Comparative Study of the Global Governance of Telecoms and Food-Safety David Lévi-Faur Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Regulating halal and kosher food: different arrangements between state, industry and religious actors Tetty Havinga Radboud University Nijmegen
Bringing the State Back In? New Food Safety Regimes in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands Frank Janning University of Konstanz
The liberalization and (re)regulation of Dutch gambling markets: national consequences of the changing European context. Sytze F. Kingma Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

E3. Regulating Health Care II

Title Name University
(chair) (Trudie Knijn
The Role of Regulation in New, Private Health Insurance Markets (tables) Pauline Rosenau University of Texas - Houston School of Public Health
Introducing performance measurement in the Dutch health care sector: joining up in a multi-actor self-regulatory system Haiko van der Voort Delft University of Technology
USF: A Collaborative Approach in Primary Health Care Luis Lapăo Instituto Nacional de Administraçăo

E4. Accountability and Control of Regulatory Agencies 1

Title Name University
(chair) Gül Sosay
The 'stange case' of privatisation: an organizational accountability perspective Koen Bartels Leiden University
The Nationaler Normenkontrollrat in Germany: How to control the regulators? Bastian Jantz University of Potsdam
Informal (De facto) Independence and Accountability of Regulatory Agencies: Economic Sector Agencies in Turkey Gül Sosay & E. Ünal Zenginobuz Bogaziçi University

E5. Regulating Europe

Title Name University
(chair) Markus Haverland
The politics of product placement in the European Union: Between commercial pressures and social considerations Avshalom Ginosar & David Lévi-Faur Emek Yezreel Academic College / Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Side-effects of enhanced impact assessment in the EU: Lobby groups as 'co-legislators' and Member States as 'stakeholders'? Anne Meuwese University of Antwerp
How bureaucratic elites imagine Europe: evidence from regulation and tax policy Claudio Radaelli & Karl O'Connor University of Exeter Centre for Regulatory Governance
Regulatory Inversion: Comparing Chemical Health and Safety Testing in the United States and the European Union Arthur Daemmrich Harvard Business School

E6. The Marketisation of Economic Policies in Europe and Beyond

Title Name University
(chair) Angela Wigger
(discussant) Andreas Nölke
Corporate Governance Regulation in the EU - Towards A Marketisation of Corporate Control Laura Horn Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Regional Dimension in Regulating Financial Markets: Is The EU Leading the Way? Jasper Blom University of Amsterdam
Revisiting 50 Years of Market Making: The Neoliberal Transformation of EC/EU Competition Policy Hubert Buch-Hansen & Angela Wigger Radboud University Nijmegen

E7. Global Governance

Title Name University
(chair) Ian Bartle
Private Standard Setting In International Economic Regulation Jan Wouters, Axel Marx & Nicolas Hachez Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Domestic Liberalization as Global Regulation: the Cases of Fuel Economy and Online Gambling Regulations John Mikler University of Sydney

F1. Regulation Under Pressure: Comparing Strategies For Improving The Regulatory Environment In Europe

Title Name University
(chair) Wim Voermans
The Sisyphus Paradox of Cutting Red Tape and Managing Public Risk Wim Voermans Leiden University
Hard questions, and equally hard solutions? Explaining the choice for proceduralization through Better Regulation in the European Union Claudio Radaelli & Anne Meuwese University of Exeter / University of Antwerp
How do independent regulatory agencies use evidence in policy-making? Lorna Schrefler University of Exeter

F2. Regulating European Utilities

Title Name University
(chair) Jacint Jordana
Adaptability of competitive electricity reforms: A modular analysis Ute Dubois Université Paris-Sud
Regulation for competition in European gas markets: the impact of European law and facilitating factors Nadine Haase University of Twente

F3. Re-regulation

Title Name University
(chair) Mirjam Kars & Mark De Bruijne
Capacity management in infrastructures: deregulation or deregulation revisited. The cases of electricity and mobile telephony Mirjam Kars & Mark De Bruijne Delft University of Technology
Regulatory reform in the Australian heavy vehicle sector. A triumph for Neoliberalism or re-regulation through accreditation? Cristopher Walker University of New South Wales
Green Energy Tariffs in the UK's Liberalised Household Electricity Market: Model or Muddle? Ivan Diaz-Rainey University of East Anglia
Regulatory Reform in the Dutch Gas Industry Aad Correljé Delft University of Technology

F5. Regulation and Global Value Chains: A Neo-liberal Productive Order?

Title Name University
(convenors) Luc Fransen & James Perry
Private labour regulation in global value chains: a manifestation of or a challenge to neo-liberal governance? Luc Fransen University of Amsterdam
The Effects of Multi-stakeholder Initiatives: a Case Study Exploring the effectiveness of the ILO Better Factories Cambodia Project Thorsten Göbel Tuebingen University
The Rise of Multinational Firms from the South: Towards less Neoliberal, more Mercantilist Global Governance? Andreas Nölke & Heather Taylor Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Value Chains or Price Chains? James Perry Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

F7. Author Meets Critics II: Discussion of John Braithwaite's book "Regulatory Capitalism: How It Works, Ideas for Making It Work Better" (2008, Edward Elgar)

Title Name University
(chair) Kutsal Yesilkagit
(discussant) Colin Scott
(discussant) David Lévi-Faur
(discussant) Frans van Waarden

G1. Regulatory Reform of Infrastructure Sectors

Title Name University
(chair) Esther Versluis
Electricity Reforms in Korea Kyuhyun .Kim & Junky Kim Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Should sector regulators deal with standardization issues? Evidence from the railway sector Marc Laperrouza & Matthias Finger EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

G2. Consequences of public services liberalization

Title Name University
(chair) Anne Poorta
Productivity: The impact of Privatisation and Liberalisation in Public Services Yilmaz Kilicaslan, Richard Pond & Ali Cevat Tasiran Anadoly University & London Metropolitan University
Regulatory Institutions and Governance Costs in the Postal Sector: The Case of Switzerland Martin Maegli & Christian Jaag Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral Lausanne & Swiss Post
Privatisation and New South Wales Prisons: 'Value for Money' and Neo-liberal Regulation Damien Cahill & Jane Andrew University of Sydney

G3. National Welfare States meet the European Union

Title Name University
(chair) Karen Andersen
Welfare (Re-) Regulation in the European Union; Politics Still Withdrawn? Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen University of Copenhagen
The Governance of Supplementary Pensions in Germany: Changing Pension Mix and Coordinated Market Economy Tobias Wiß Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim
Unintended De-Regulation of Labour Markets: Explanations of Pitfalls for Political Actors Ute Behning Institute for European Welfare System Research

G4. Accountability and Control of Regulatory Agencies 3

Title Name University
(convenor) Kutsal Yesilkagit
The Reputation of Independent Regulatory Agencies Martino Maggetti University of Lausanne & University of Exeter
Venues of Influence and Regulatory Agencies Kutsal Yesilkagit & Sandra van Thiel USBO, Utrecht University

G5. The Transnational Dimensions of Regulation and Neoliberalism

Title Name University
(chair) Tony Porter
Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation on Accounting Standards: How Private Governance Fosters Neoliberalism Andreas Nölke Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Varieties of Transnational (Re)Regulation Tony Porter McMaster University

G7. Regulation and Adjudication

Title Name University
(chair) David Lévi-Faur
The Rise of the Adjudicatory State Colin Scott University College Dublin
Labelling complainants in a complaint handling bureaucracy Sharon Gilad King's College London
Do Economists Cause Juridification? Frans van Waarden & Youri Hildebrand Utrecht University

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