Regulatory Governance
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Frontiers of Regulation. Assessing Scholarly Debates and Policy Challenges - Conference Panels and Papers

University of Bath, September 7th-8th 2006.

Conference panels and papers - pdf

Conference Book - pdf (1MB) Please note this is a large file and may take a while to download

Panel session 1, September 7th 09.30-11.00m

Panel 1
Chair: Ken Shadlen
Intellectual property (1): institutions and regulation
Debora Halbert
Otterbien College
The World Intellectual Property Organisation: Changing Narratives in IPRs - pdf (237KB)
Christopher May
Lancaster University
The World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Development Agenda - pdf (101KB)
Duncan Matthews
NGOs intellectual property rights and multilateral institutions
Panel 2
Chair: Liora Salter
Regulating frontier technology: learning from the past
George Gilligan
Diana Bowman
Monash University
Netting Nano- Regulation at the Frontiers of the Net and Nano
Karinne Ludlow
Diana Bowman
Monash University
Nanoparticles: regulating the undefinable - pdf (193KB)
Graeme Hodge
Diana Bowman
Monash University
Nanotechnology & the Public Interest: Some Comparative Observations
Panel 3
Chair: Matthias Finger
Liberalisation and regulation
Massimiliano Pacifico
University of Turin
Liberalisation of public utilities in Italy - pdf (184KB)
Claudia Dias Soares
Using public finance mechanisms to promote sustainable energy markets in the European Union - pdf (81KB)
Youri Hildebrand
Frans van Waarden
Utrecht University
Freer Markets, More Litigation?
David Levi-Faur
University of Haifa
Regulation in the Age of Governance: Beyond the Zero-Sum Narratives

Panel session 2, September 7th 11.30-13.00

Panel 4
Chair: Arco Timmermans
Regulation of medicine, health and life sciences
Adam Spencer
Institute for the Study of Genetics, Biorisks and Society, Nottingham
Regulation of animal health - pdf (263KB)
Justin Greaves
University of Warwick
Biopesticides, Regulatory Innovation and the Regulatory State - pdf (108KB)
Jure Stojan
University of Oxford
Signalling and the quest for regulation in British complementary medicine. - pdf (105KB)
Moshe Maor
The Hebrew University
Organizational Reputations and the Observability of Public Warnings in 10 Pharmaceutical Markets
Panel 5
Chair: Seamus Simpson
Information society and technologies
Alison Harcourt
University of Exeter
Committee governance in EU information society policy.
Marcus M. Dapp Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich Open Source + Software Patents = Innovation? Understanding software patent policy's effects on open source innovation - pdf (419KB)
Thomas R. Eimer
FernUniversität Hagen
Source Code and Ownership. Software Regulation in the US and the EU - pdf (118KB)
Panel 6
Chair: Burkard Eberlein
Regulatory governance and network industries: developed countries
Matthias Finger
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Frédéric Varone
Catholic University of Louvain
Governance of network industries: towards European regulators, differentiated regulations, or self-regulation? - pdf (240KB)
Marc Tenbücken
University of Konstanz
Regulation of Network Infrastructures in the Enlarged European Union – The Situation After Two Decades of Reform - pdf (168KB)
Daniel Grote
University of Bristol
Regulation in the US telecommunication sector and its impact on risk - pdf (433KB)

Panel session 3, September 7th 15.00-16.30

Panel 7
Chair: Debora Halbert
Intellectual Property (2): The effects of regulating intellectual property
Ken Shadlen
The Politics of Property and the New Politics of Intellectual Property: Insights from Latin America
Ingrid Schneider
University of Hamburg
Governance of the European patent system - between self-regulation and legislative governance: The case of the EU Biopatent Directive
Sigrid  Sterckx
University of Gent

Julian Cockbain
Frank B Dehn & Co, Oxford
Stem cell patents and morality: The European Patent Office’s emerging policy - pdf (127KB)
Mari Nilsen
Frank Halhjem
Thorvald Gran University of Bergen
Innovationsystem at micro level: From public medical research to marketable production. The creation of the NorDiag Corporation - pdf (167KB)
Panel 8
Chair: Shawn Donnelly
Competition policy
Paul A. Grout
University of Bristol

Ania Zalewska
University of Bath
Profitability Measures and Competition Law - pdf (136KB)
Stephen Wilks
University of Exeter
The Reinvention of UK Competition Policy - pdf (86KB)
Nathalie Aubry
The Robert Gordon University
European Merger Control Regulation, when decision-making is policy-making
Panel 9
Chair: Frans van Waarden
Regulating new technology
Bärbel R.. Dorbeck-Jung,
University of Twente
Coping with the uncertainties of nanotechnology’s development – how can public regulation be developed in a process of mutual learning? - pdf (100KB)
Christa Altenstetter
The City University of New York
EU regulation of medical devices in comparative perspective - pdf (138KB)
Andreas Busch
University of Oxford
The regulation and politics of transborder dataflows - pdf (159KB)

Panel session 4, September 7th 17.00-18.30

Panel 10
Chair: David Coen
Regulatory governance and network industries: developing countries
Navroz K. Dubash
Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Emergent Regulatory Governance in India. Comparative Case Studies of Electricity Regulation - pdf (278KB)
Devendra Kodwani
Open University Business School, Milton Keynes
Institutional Endowments and Electricity Regulation in India - pdf (106KB)
David Parker
Cranfield University
Electricity sector reform in developing countries: an econometric assessment of the effects of privatisation, competition and regulation - pdf (408KB)
Martin Painter
City University of Hong Kong
Convergence and Standardization in Telecommunications Regulation: Trajectories of Change in the Asian Regulatory State - pdf (220KB) (this paper is not being presented at the conference and will only be available on the website)
Panel 11
Chair: Jørgen Grønnegård Christensen
Regulation, the environment and sustainable development (1)
Luigi Pellizzoni
University of Trieste
Public goods, private means. Antinomies of accountability in environmental policy - pdf (150KB)
Marja Ylönen
University of Jyväskylä
Moral regulation of water pollution. The case of Finland from the 1960’s till 2000
Ian Bartle
Peter Vass
University of Bath
Independent economic regulation and the policy challenge of sustainable development
Anandajit Goswami
Nilanjan Ghosh
Souvik Bhattacharjya
Research Associates
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI),
New Delhi
Optimal Regulatory Instruments for a self – polluting firm in the presence of water pollution - pdf (188KB)
(this paper is not being presented at the conference and will only be available on the website)
Panel 12
Chair: Edward Cohen
Corporate governance
Rocío Valdivielso del Real
Birkbeck College University of London
Corporate Governance and the Transformation of the Electricity Sector in England and Spain: the Interaction between National Institutions and Regulatory Choices. - pdf (395KB)
Shawn Donnelly
University of Bremen
Regulating the European Corporate Economy - pdf (83KB)
Shiu-Fai Wong
City University of Hong Kong
Comparing the Chinese and German Capital Markets: Do Informal Institutions Jeopardize Formal Institutional Supremacy? - pdf (255KB)
Richard Fairchild
University of Bath

Yiyuan Mai
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.
The Effect of the Legal System and Empathy in Venture Capital Contracting: Theory and Evidence.

Panel session 5, September 8th 09.00-10.30

Panel 13
Chair: Jeroen Huisman
The regulatory state and governance structures
Christopher Walker
University of New South Wales, Australia
Regulatory Reform in the Australian Rail Sector and the New Interorganisational Complexity. The challenge of balancing economic interests and safety in a complex regulatory environment - pdf (180KB)
Aslı Alıcı and
Ugur Ozgoker
Kadir Has University
Can Financial Regulations Strengthen Financial Stability in Developing Countries? The Case of Turkey - pdf (248KB)
Miguel Castro Coelho
University of Birmingham
The Effect of Governance Structure on Education Efficiency: public-private provision and decentralisation - pdf (221KB)
Panel 14
Chair: David Parker
Better regulation and regulatory impact assessment
Claudio Radaelli
University of Exeter
Better regulation and the Lisbon agenda
Ian Vickers
Middlesex University Business School
Regulation for Enterprise? Recent Reforms and the Implications for Risk Regulation in Smaller Businesses - pdf
Anne Meuwese
Department of Politics
Informing the EU legislator through impact assessments: what does it mean in practice? -pdf (261KB)
Peter Carroll
University of Tasmania
Regulatory Impact Analysis: promise and reality - pdf (351KB)
Panel 15
Chair: Moshe Maor
Law, courts and regulation
Amnon Lehavi
Radzyner School of Law, Herzliya.
Intergovernmental liability rules
Edward S. Cohen
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA
From Sources to Impact:  Contracts, Dispute Resolution Systems and Governance in a World of Legal and Regulatory Pluralism. - pdf (110KB)
Simon Halliday
University of Strathclyde
Colin Scott
University College Dublin (and LSE)
Liability as Regulation - pdf (130KB)
Sharon Gilad
London School of Economics
Between Regulation and Dispute resolution - the Role of the Ombudsman in Regulatory Regimes - pdf (152KB)

Panel session 6, September 8th 11.00-12.30

Panel 16
Chair: Miquel Salvador
Regulatory agencies and state reform in Latin America
Marc Satorras
Foundation for Human Resources Motivation

Marc Navarro
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Institutional setting and the quality of the regulatory policy: Evidence from Telecommunications and Banking sectors in Chile and Peru - pdf (195KB)
Carles Ramió.
David Sancho
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
Miquel Salvador
European University Institute, Florence.
Regulatory agencies, institutional design and public management: the case of the Dominican Republic - pdf (86KB)
Jacint Jordana
UPF and Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals.
Social Regulation and Social Policy in Latin America: a new convergence?
Panel 17
Chair: Ian Bartle
Regulatory agencies and delegation (1)
Martino Maggetti
University of Lausanne
Between Control and Autonomy: Implementing Independent Regulatory Agencies - pdf (243KB)
Anna Palau and
Laura Chaqués
Universitat de Barcelona
Delegation to Independent Agencies: a comparative analysis between the food safety and pharmaceutical sector in Britain and Spain - pdf (300KB)
Suzanne Le Mire
Monash University
The Embedded Regulator: The Independent Director in the Line of Fire - pdf (155KB)
Panel 18
Chair: Claudio Radaelli
The regulatory state: national contexts rationales and models
Peter C. Humphreys and Jeanette Mair
Institute of Public Administration, Ireland
Ireland’s complex regulatory landscape - pdf (352KB)
Assaf Meydani
The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo
The Regulatory State between Mental Models, Political Entrepreneurs and Electoral Capita:  The Case of the Israeli State economy arrangement law - pdf (94KB)
Markus Haverland
Universiteit Leiden
National welfare states meet the European regulatory state: The politics of retirement pension regulation - pdf (211KB)
Liora Salter
Osgoode Hall Law School
In Search of Needles in the Haystack: The "Public Interest" Rationale of Regulation - pdf (34KB)
Panel 19
Chair: Peter Carroll
Regulation, enforcement and compliance (1)
Paul Sanderson
John Brady
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
The Inspection Function and Risk Communication within Regulatory Agencies - pdf (227KB)
Tehilla Shwartz-Altshuler
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University

Ori Arbel-Ganz
Bar Ilan University
The Paradox of Regulator-Firm-Courts' Triangle: Captured Regulators in the Age of Governance
Frans van Waarden
Utrecht University
Unintended Effects of a Burgeoning Control Industry
Robert Eli Rosen
University of Miami
Who is the Corporate Client? The Compliance Answer - pdf (90KB) download PowerPoint presentation - (260KB)

Panel session 7, September 8th 14.30-16.00

Panel 20
Chair: Markus Haverland
Regulatory agencies and delegation (2)
Isabelle Bédoyan
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Delegation beyond the state: The New Approach standardization as a case of efficient delegation? - pdf (232KB)
Guy I. Seidman
The Interdisciplinary Center,
Regulating Life, Regulating Death. The Case of Israel’s ‘Health Basket’
Gül Sosay and
E. Ünal Zenginobuz
Boğaziçi University
Independence and accountability of regulatory agencies in Turkey - pdf (449KB)
Jørgen Grønnegård Christensen
University of Aarhus
Kutsal Yesilkagit
University of Utrecht
Political responsiveness and credibility in regulatory administration - pdf (161KB)
Panel 21
Chair: David Levi-Faur
Internationalisation of regulation
Martin Marcussen
Copenhagen University
The Fifth Age of Central Banking in the Global economy - pdf (243KB)
Andreas Klinke
King’s College London
Democratic Regulation Beyond the State. Deliberative Governance within the North American Great Lakes Regime
Burkard Eberlein
York University, Toronto
Steffen Schneider,
University of Bremen
A tale of two federations: The Dynamics of Policy Reform in Canada and Germany - pdf (264KB)
David Levi-Faur
University of Haifa

Jacint Jordana
Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals

Xavier Fernandez i Marin
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
The Global Diffusion of the Regulatory Agencies: Institutional Emulation and Channels of Contagion
Panel 22
Chair: Christa Altenstetter
EU regulation: compliance, delegation and regulatory networks
Fabrizio De Francesco,
Claudio M. Radaelli and
Vera E. Troeger
University of Exeter
Convergence and divergence in EU policies for regulatory quality
David Coen
UCL, London and
Mark Thatcher LSE
Governance After Delegation: The Rise of Networks of Regulatory Agencies - pdf (144KB)
Claire A. Dunlop
University of Exeter
Epistemic Communities, Relational Distance and the Two Logics of Delegation: Hormone Growth Promoters in the European Union - pdf (140KB)
Panel 23
Chair: Colin Scott
Regulation, enforcement and compliance (2)
Frank Mols
University of Exeter
Understanding attitudes towards EU rules and regulations in Multi-Level Governance contexts: A social identity perspective - pdf (186KB)
Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen,
University of Aarhus, 

Christine Parker
University of Melbourne
Will we ever know what is out there? – measuring compliance - pdf (116KB)